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Found in many online casinos, craps games are favorite for some US gamblers and look intimidating for others. There are a few obvious reasons of why many gamblers are fond of this game. First, it is a very fast-paced game type. Second, there are many bet types in online craps that make the entire gaming process very fun. Another factor that contributes to popularity of casino craps is flexible payouts. Compared to other non-slot titles in online casinos, craps payouts vary between 1:1 and 30:1 (and higher in some game versions). A final note: numerous fields on a craps table are nothing to worry about as they just mark bet areas and are very easy to play. Some casinos that accept players from the United States allow for bitcoin bets and the same refers to some mobile casinos.


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Rules of craps in layman's terms

Craps online is a dice game played with two dice. At the beginning of every round, a player should put a real money bet according to established limits of a specific table. As a rule, the minimum bet is $1 (or lower on some tables). Chips are placed on the table section that corresponds to a required bet. Pass and Don't Pass are the only options available to the player at the onset. Once done, the player clicks a button and two dice are thrown onto the virtual table. It is clear that two dice may produce any result between 2 and 12. Further progress depends on the outcome of a dice throw: If 7 or 11 is shown, a pass bet is announced winner and the player receives a 1:1 payout provided he has placed that bet. If 2, 3 or 12 is shown, a don't pass bet wins. In either case, the game ends.

If any other number is displayed, the game goes on and the shown number is established as a so called "point number". A player then can place other bets that are shown on the table grid. The most recommended choice is to play on Come or Don't Come that work similarly to Pass/Don't Pass: a come bet brings a craps payout of 1:1 in case a seven is rolled before the point number. And a don't come wager is winner if the point number is thrown before 7. Combination of numerous bets is a signature feature of any casino craps. By placing chips on various table areas, a player can maximize craps payouts and decrease a house edge dramatically.

Bet types: Learn how to play craps better

A bet that has won produces different payouts and features different craps odds. Minding this flexibility, some bets are better than others in their winning probability and, therefore, house edge. The four bets explored above have an edge of 1.36% and 1.41% and are thus highly recommended as the best ones. Other good bets that are worth selecting are:

  • Place 6 and 8. This is a multi-roll option that wins if 6 or 8 will appear before 7. It has an acceptable edge of 1.52% and a 7:6 payout
  • Laying Odds. In some craps rules, laying odds is allowed. If so, a player can bring down a house edge to zero.

Other bets are not as good as above or very bad. Players should stay clear of them or use them in combination with good bets in craps online; this trick is known as "hedging". By betting, for example, on a pass line with odds, then Place 6 and 8 and after than cover the Come bet with odds on each, a player will reduce a house edge to almost zero. Actually, poor bets are as follows:

  • Any Craps (2, 3 or 12): with an 11.11% edge and 8:1 craps payouts, this is a very bad option
  • Any Seven: This is even worse than the above because of a 16.8% edge
  • Hard Ways 4 and 10: Either bet wins if the dice display a pair: 2/2 or 5/5. A miserable edge of 11.11% make it an inappropriate option for real money players.

There are also over 10 more bets in addition to what is listed above and most of them have high house advantage, thus should be avoided. To understand the craps gambling in practice, players are advised to pick any of top listed online casinos reviewed on this website and find a suitable online craps game.

Finally, some US-friendly online casinos run craps-targeted bonuses which are mainly based on depositing. Also mind that many regular bonuses exclude online craps from contributing to wagering requirements so read bonus T&C carefully to evade disappointment.

Craps strategies: