Online Roulette

Online roulette

Online roulette occupies one of the main places in the sphere of Internet gambling. Roulette is the one of the games people wish to play in casino. The sound of a wheel spinning, the charming and hope bringing crackle of a small ball combined with the hidden fate’s dictate, the wide choice of bets and Her Majesty Luck. All this is perfectly combined in the game roulette. It is worthy of note that there is no need in years of practice when you make up your mind to play roulette. Casino will surely provide you with all the necessary information concerning the game, its rules and peculiarities.

It does not depend much on whether you are going to play roulette at a brick and mortar casino with all its luxury and wealth or just decides to play roulette online. In both cases, you will be provided with the highest quality of the games, roulette being not an exception. Anyway, heaps of chips and excitement will guide you through the whole playing time.


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The main difference between online casino roulette and real casino roulette is the dealer’s manipulations as that is he who spins the wheel and throws a small ball at a brick and mortar casino. While playing roulette online all the dealer’s operations will be conducted automatically. The only thing to do is push the Spin button and wait for big winnings. However, some casino providers give players an opportunity to play with real dealers. You will see the dealer via a web-camera life image standing in a real casino with a real wheel and real ball.

Throngs of roulette games in Australian online casinos

Online casino roulette is not just a joyful pastime. It embodies the possibility to win and make your wishes come true. It depends only on you and your choice of the casino. The core of the game is the same – to make money while entertaining.

Of course there are losses but you are free to elaborate your own winning secret. There are lots of people spending a huge amount of time building strategies. It happens in all the games, roulette is not an exception. You can work out your own route to the win or use the experience of previous generations. But there is one thing you should take notice of. In real casinos all the wins depend on pure chance, as the fate decrees. When you play roulette online, remember that the only power which makes the small ball stop at one or another place is RNG. That is a Random Number Generator. Nothing more. And your luck can only help you to make an appropriate bet. Let success attend you!

Betting systems in online roulette

As any casino game including roulette has a house edge, it is impossible to bust the house on the long run, because the casino will always gain the upper hand over the player. An Australian player who applies any of the winning strategies described on this website would occasionally face a zero sector that is going to ruin all strategy efforts. To find out more about roulette strategies, scan through AuCasinosOnline and study out what is available.

The best online roulette providers

Australian players looking for popular roulette providers have a very good menu of globally acknowledged companies such as Play’n’Go, RTG and Betsoft among others. The rules of all roulette tables are basically the same but their versions may vary across providers. This means every roulette provider comes with a fixed house advantage in European (2.7%) and American (5.26%) roulette, but games themselves may have some additional features, for example, a racetrack, advanced statistics and different chip values. Anyway, an Aussie is recommended to give it a bash and try different game providers available in our recommended online casinos:

RTG online roulette for Australian players

RTG is one of a few roulette providers that welcomes Australians but sadly its lifetime portfolio of roulette games is far from perfection, with only two tables in place, both being fairly dated in terms of graphics and overall performance; nevertheless, RTG European roulette features the same payouts (2.7%) as any normal single-zero roulette. Bet sizes vary between $1 and $250 per spin. There is a brief guide inside the roulette game that instructs a newbie how to build/remove a bet. Its American version looks identical to the above except that the layout and wheel have two zero boxes.

Betsoft roulette in Australia-facing online casinos

Betsoft has a rich suite of roulette games that many Aussies find appealing and imposing. One of the most alluring games in Betsoft collection is Common Draw roulette which is based on European rules. The special thing about this title is a shared gaming space for many players. When an Aussie enters the roulette, he will see chips appearing on the grid – they are put by other punters who are playing Common Draw roulette concurrently with you. The software starts counting down from 33 seconds at the end of the preceding spin to show how much time is left before the next spin. During this timeframe, every connected player has to place a bet within the limits of $3 to $500 per spin. And everyone will see the same number when the ball stops hopping around the wheel.

Other Betsoft games that Australian fans should look out for are:
  • Zoom Roulette. A single-zero roulette game with a camera zooming onto the portion of the wheel on which the ball has rested. This impressive edition has detailed rules, a table of payouts for all bet types (Straight Up, Split Bet, etc.) and a $3–$500 table range
  • American roulette ($1–$100). It has the same interface and properties as Zoom Roulette.

Play’n’Go online roulette

The provider comes up with a single table known as European Roulette Pro, and it stands out for its numerous advanced settings and excellent design. At the very beginning of the session, the player is asked if he would like to see the “How to Play” video guide. When hovering on any table sector, the roulette shows the related info about it: Bet type, payoff and the current bet that covers the sector at the time. Along with many pre-set bets such as Black/Red Splits, Orphelins a Cheval and Finales a Cheval, the player can save custom bets and then place chips on the table in a single click.

Picking the best online roulette

While winning odds are identical across the three major roulette versions, they differ in a few aspects, some of which can be important for Aussies:

  • Visual design, game stats. Each table actually has a table, wheel, chip selectors and some auxiliary options. Though they function in a similar way, they have different artwork and sound effects. Besides, visible statistics for the last few rounds can be important for choosing on which area to bet (red, black, evens, etc.)
  • Table limits. There are certain minimum and maximum bets in each table. The player should consult his betting habits and bankroll size before playing roulette for real money. Some online casinos offer VIP roulette for high rollers with steep maximum bets ($5000 and higher). Most commonly, the lowest bet is $1 per sector.
Roulette strategies:
Online Roulette Wheel Online Roulette Wheel

Everyone knows how the roulette wheel looks like: round form mechanism with circle of red/black/green pockets and sector numbers. Above the circle 8 gutters determine the rotating ball’s direction. This thing seems to be simple and at the same time rather complex. On the one hand, nowadays the system is considered to be elementary; on the other, it is an ideally balanced machine, which guarantees randomness of each result. Of course, the latter touches upon real roulette wheel only. If the game is held in the Internet, the whole responsibility for random results lies on the software deve...

Online Roulette FAQ
💵 Can I play roulette online for real money?
Yes, you can play all types of roulette for real money. Just create an account at your preferred online casino and make a deposit.
🇦🇺 Is online roulette legal in Australia?
Online roulette is legal in Australia.
⚖️ Are online roulette games fair?
As any other online casino games, roulette software is subjected to routine assessment by third-party testing companies that check it for RNG (random number generator) integrity and game fairness. To avoid being scammed, make sure to pick a respectable online casino, like:
🇺🇸 What is the difference between American and European roulette?
European roulette has a single zero box on the wheel and table layout (0), while American roulette features two zero sectors (0 and 00). This leads to an important implication: the house edge surges from 2.70% in European roulette to 5.26% in American roulette. Besides, the two roulette types have a different sequence of numbers on the wheel.
❤️️ What is the best casino to play online roulette?
There are many reliable online casinos focused on the Australian market but we cannot say exactly which is the best for playing roulette. To maximize online casino experience, we suggest that you should pick a trusted online casino with an extensive range of roulette game options. For this purpose, we recommend visiting: