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Online craps is one of the most thrilling, exciting and adrenaline-filled online classics with simple rules, high payouts and very fast pace. Craps rules are straightforward and suggest very few variations, that is why there are not so much versions of this game across providers and online casinos. NZ players are offered high-quality craps games delivered by the best software providers on the gambling market, all available through the top-rated casinos reviewed on this website. Online craps may seem complicated to untrained players but this complexity is illusive. Everyone will learn the ropes of casino craps and craps payouts within the space of a few minutes.


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Though real money craps online features many bet types, only a few of them are considered to be appropriate for getting the upper hand over the house and this online craps review will shine a spotlight on some aspects of this wonderful online casino game. Note also that some online casinos (and mobile casinos as well) reviewed on this site offer match bonuses that are wagered in craps games.

Fundamental rules of craps

The first and most important piece of advice to newcomers is to get rid of the impression of utter complexity that a craps game table makes at first. Everything is much easier than it looks. A player first should place a bet on a desired spot minding that only two bets are admitted at the beginning of every round: Pass and Don't Pass. As they have nearly the same edge (1.41% and 1.35% respectively), a player should not hesitate but pick either. The minimum bet usually amounts to the lowest chip denomination on the table (some casino craps versions allow betting in bitcoin). The player (also known as "shooter" in the professional craps lingo) then throws the dice and watches the outcome.

The round ends and a pass bet is considered to have won if the dice hit 7 or 11. The round ends and a don't pass bet is winner if 2, 3 or 12 is rolled. Either winning bet pays out 1:1 to the shooter. If the roll results in other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10), that number becomes a "point" and the second part of the online craps round begins.

Before the second dice roll, the player may place other bets displayed on the table layout. And this is where one should know craps odds and craps payouts to make the most beneficial bet and avoid bad bets with poor winning chances and fairly low real money rewards. The round finishes when the dice show 7 or the point number established on the previous stage (as a result of the initial roll).

Insight into bet types in casino craps

There are over 25 possible bets and all of them differ in odds and related payouts. As is said above, Pass and Don't Pass are deemed to be a very good choice because of low house advantage. Similar in effect are Come and Don't Come bets that are accepted at the second part of a craps round.

There are field bets that are resolved on the next shooter's roll. Payout for a field bet is 1 to 1 provided 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 appears after the roll. In case of shooter's rolling 2 or 12, the craps game awards 2 to 1. In some online craps versions (or during a promotion organized by an online casino), payouts for 2 or 12 may increase to 3:1. Generally, field bets are not that good because of a high house edge.

Hard Way is also single-roll bet resolved on the nearest dice throw. They are placed on a specific pair (6-6, 4-4, etc.) and pay out the maximum of 30:1 (for example, if a pair of 1s or 6s emerges). There is also an Any Craps bet that is won if 2, 3 or 12 is shown on the nearest throw. This bet awards 7 to 1 but should be avoided though because of an inappropriate house edge of over 11%.

How to play craps efficiently: Strategies and tips

NZ online casinos offer a couple of craps games to players from New Zealand. Actually, the number of craps variations is not that great. When playing for real money, a new player should stick with a handful of simple rules to stay on a winning roll for as long as possible:

  1. Try wagering on basic bets, that is Pass/Come, Don't Pass/Don't Come because they have excellent player advantage
  2. Steer away from most single-roll bets such as Any Craps
  3. Learn craps payouts before making real money bets
  4. Consider applying a Hedging strategy that will help you leverage your losses. Hedging means placing two or more bets at a time. If implemented properly, the strategy will result in lower profits and losses.
Craps strategies: