Video poker odds and payouts

Video poker odds and payouts

Video poker odds differ according to chosen game and selected casino. Casinos can manipulate video poker odds. Some gambling sites offer quite generous payouts up to 99.50%. Other sites tend to earn more. Therefore video poker payouts may fall down dramatically.

It is extremely difficult to calculate video poker odds properly. Thus we have to rely on figures provided by casinos. You can also try to google video poker odds. Exact figures might be provided on some gambling forums.

Once again, video poker odds are the prerogative of a casino. Your goal is to find casino with best payouts on video poker machines.

Most gambler-friendly games have 9/6 video poker odds. These are extremely good video poker odds. This means that you can erase house edge if you stick to right video poker strategy.

Payouts on offline video poker machines are quite tricky. For example, you can find gambler-friendly machine but the casino reserves right to move it to another place. Thus on the next day you can see different video poker machine on this spot. And you never know if this video poker machine has got equal payout rate. And a casino can change video poker payouts any time without a notice. Therefore don’t stick to the same machine. You need to be flexible.

As you might already know, one of the most popular online video poker games is Jacks or Better. Its popularity is explained with high video poker payouts. If you play this modification with winning strategy you will be returning 99.54% of your bets. This means that when you wager $100, you will win $99.54. Even if you don’t care much about strategy, video poker odds in Jacks or Better are quite good. You will be still returning around $99 from each hundred.

Deuces Wild is also quite profitable game. Following proper strategy will allow you to return around 100% of your bets. Some experts say that you can even break the house edge. Video poker payout rate reaches $100.77. But still it is difficult to prove. Deuces Wild has got high payout rate because of wild cards. In general, you should look for video poker variations that include wild cards. Wild cards can increase your winnings dramatically. Wild cards make your odds much higher. It is easier to complete monster combination with wild cards.

You should also remember that video poker odds to complete the strongest combination (royal flush) are extremely tiny. According to statistics, only 1 royal flush is dealt in 40 000 hands. As you can see most of your profits in video poker will come from moderate hands like flush, straight, three of a kind etc. Anyway you should not miss opportunity to hit jackpot (if video poker machine has got it). Therefore it is wise to place max bets on progressive video poker machines. You will have a chance to win impressive amount of money. If it happens once your investments would be fully compensated. You should consider that without betting the maximum, you don’t have any video poker odds to win jackpot.

Last but not least. Always have a look at payout video poker table before starting playing. You will find out that some machines offer better odds. Therefore you should avoid machines with high house edge.


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