Deuces Wild Strategy

Deuces Wild Strategy

It is in human nature to be eager to play video poker and win all the way long. From one point of view, it is nothing but fiction – no one can win all the hands. From the other hand, there is no confirmation that any known real existing force can provide you with such unprecedented luck. But. There are some ways of increasing your chances to win. Such ways are commonly known as strategies.

It holly depends on you whether you wish to spend some time to thoughtfully examine the theories many people have elaborated or just rush immediately to the video poker machine. In the first case you will obtain the full range of information which is helpful during the play as it gives you necessary instructions and advices. The most prominent is the fact that the theories are all built on the basis of mathematical calculations, statistical data and theory of probability. According to this the strategy is vital to learn. Those who crave risk and wish to elaborate their own system built on their own feelings and expectations can avoid learning and just play video poker.

Now it is high time to explain the Deuces Wild Simple strategy in all the details. This system is highly useful when playing on a full pay machine. In this case expected return equals 100.71%. To apply this theory correctly you should follow simple rules:

  • 1. At seeing your initial hand find it in the list of hands.
  • 2. If your hand is indicated in the list, you should play with the combination itself but change all the rest cards. Don’t hesitate, for example, to throw a good card (from your point of view) that is absent in the list. Remember – the strategy is profitable when used correctly, without any hesitations.
  • 3. If your hand is absent in the list it should never be played. Only below listed combinations are worth to be held.

The range of your hand

The combination worth keeping,
the rest should be changed

4 deuces 4 deuces
3 deuces Keep

royal flush

deuces only
2 deuces Keep four of a kind or higher cards
4 to a royal flush
4 to a straight flush with 2 consecutive singletons, 6-7 or higher
deuces only
1 deuce Keep four of a kind or higher crads
4 to a royal flush
Full house
4 to a straight flush with 3 consecutive singletons, 5-7 or higher
3 of a kind, straight, or flush
All other 4 to a straight flush
3 to a royal flush
3 to a straight flush with 2 consecutive singletons, 6-7 or higher
deuce only
0 deuce 4, 5 to a royal flush
Made three of a kind to straight flush
4 to a straight flush
3 to a royal flush
4 to a flush
4 to an outside straight
3 to a straight flush
4 to an inside straight, except missing deuce
2 to a royal flush, J, Q high

Note: In case of your mistake (your digression from the above table is meant), your losses will equal 0.05%. That means in case of your wish to play in slightly different manner than it is recommended you will fail one total bet in 1869 hands. Let’s consider this theory on the vivid example: Your hand is 6c-7c-8c-Qc-2h.

You look at the table and see top two variants (you should choose the variant which is closer to the beginning of the table): 1) keep the flush and 2) keep the 4 cards to a straight flush. In the second variant (the 4 to a straight flush) you have 3 straight consecutives with range of 5-7 or better. It means that the second variant appears to be higher than a flush, thus your choice is to keep the 4 cards to a straight flush.


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