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Many US-friendly online casinos have a wide selection of roulette games powered by RTG, Rival, WGS and other top providers. They are really worth the salt because they preserve all the inherent properties of traditional land-based roulette, while making it absolutely accessible to everyone. Online casino roulette is an easy and unhindered way to entertain oneself without leaving home. American, European and French design of roulette tables are what is offered by most software companies in addition to some exclusive roulette games that are beyond compare (for example, Chinese Roulette). To get instant access to roulette, a US player should sign up in any of our recommended casinos reviewed diligently and impartially on this website.


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Introduction to online roulette: How it works

Roulette designers try to imitate the real offline game, replicating its key features, structure and general design. Regardless of the provider, a resulting online game always has a set of several components that are typical for any roulette title: a wheel split into 37 or 38 pockets. The major portion of the screen is held by a digital table with bet markings on it. The visual design of tables coincides with an actual table; it has the same position of numbers, bet areas and other stuff. Actually, some tables look like quality photographic images of land-based roulette tables.

Helping players interact with the game are buttons that are normally used for changing a bet size, removing chips from the felt, opening statistics, reading rules, etc. A user interface is usually made very intuitive and with as few buttons as possible to prevent clutter on the screen. Note that each table has specific play limits, these are normally displayed on a kind of tablet inside the game or are communicated to the player in another way. A normal roulette has the minimum bet of $1 on any space. Max bets vary widely and can exceed $1000 (the same also refers to a mobile casino as well). Some online casinos may allow for betting Bitcoin.

Importantly, a player has no time limits in-between rounds. Unlike traditional roulette, players have around 30 to 60 seconds to throw their chips on the required area, after which the croupier stops accepting bets and launches the ball onto the spinning wheel. In online roulette, a player chooses a comfortable pace and decides himself on when to bet and how much time to think over a bet size.

The virtual ball would rotate, hopping and bouncing against the circular walls of the wheel for about five seconds and then comes to a rest on a random number. The outcome is dictated by a random number generator. Players should not worry about fairness and correct operation of the RNG because all casinos recommended on this website are considered to be fully reliable and trusted by players all over the world.

Three types of online casino roulette in the United States

In the online casino realm, roulette is a virtual clone of real-life roulette. This similarity (even identity) refers to every smallest aspect, including its three types. French and European roulette tables are equipped with 37 numbers each, including a "0" area with green color background. The wheels are numbered according to their traditional schemes and tables also have an identical look and feel, with their mutual location of betting areas.

American roulette bears 38 numbers on the wheel and grid. Its principal difference from the above is availability of two special pockets, 0 and 00, that contribute to the house edge. Actually, the distinctions between the three versions are subtle but can easily be spotted at first glance.

New players with no or little casino experience often hesitate which roulette option to pick for real-money play. The answer is "European or French roulette". Everything is as simple as that, both have the lowest house advantage that stems from having only one zero on the table. Easy calculations reveal that a player will lose an average of $2.7 on each $100 wagered on European roulette, whilst expected losses would go up to $5.24 per $100 in American tables. The figures set forth here are just an approximate probability-driven evaluation of outcomes. In reality, play results would differ.

Know your real money payouts in online roulette

It is important that you be aware of potential payoffs achievable in roulette online. You might have guessed that winnings depend on a bet type. Note also that payouts are consistent with the quantity of numbers involved in a specific bet, the common pattern being as follows: the more numbers are covered, the lower the winning is. Hence, outside bets (rectangles with bet names, like Red, Odd, 1-18, etc.) which cover 18 numbers, pay out the least of all, 1:1.

Dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) and Columns (running along each of the three rows of the table) have a 2:1 payout. Other bet types award increasingly more, with the highest prize being for a single number, 35:1 (Straight Up bet). This means that betting $10 on any one number and provided the ball stops on that space, you will get $350 ($10 x 35).

The best online roulette providers in US casinos

As the US online gambling market seems to be overregulated by dozens of federal and local laws, global providers are reluctant to operate in this legal environment. As a result, players from the USA have a limited choice of game providers and, therefore, roulette. There is roulette from RTG: they have no French roulette and the available tables are somewhat dated in relation to graphical design. Another worthy provider is Rival. Their real-money online roulette tables are very good. They feature tech-savvy play interface, eye-catching graphics and a pleasant light blue table felt. The maximum inside and outside bets are $500 and $200 respectively.

A US-friendly Betsoft comes with four roulette tables currently: European, American, Zoom Roulette and Common Draw Roulette. The last-named title has an exciting social element to it. Players who get connected to the game will see a chat window for instant messaging. Besides, the game name suggests the outcome of each round is shared across all game participants. The min/max limits are $3 and $500. Besides, Common Draw Roulette offers over 20 special bets (basically, variants of Finale Cheval and Finale Plein) that are also available in a mobile casino.

WGS (formerly, Vegas Technology) is a popular choice for American players and it also has two roulette online tables, with single and double zeros. The max table bet is $14,800, while the max for all outside bets is $300. Roulette from WGS Technology was developed over 10 years ago yet it looks quite modern in all respects.

Online casino roulette: Winning strategies and tips

There are still many players who tend to apply one or another strategy and test them in different situations. Experts in mathematics have calculated that no strategy successful and practical in the medium term. However perfect and ideal a strategy would look, it will suddenly stop being effective, once a zero slot lands. In brief words, all winning strategies would work really well if not for 0 and 00 pockets in online roulette that derail all player's efforts. Certainly, US players can give a try to some winning strategies (some of the most favorite choices are posted on this website) and make up their mind whether to use them consistently or not.

Players are advised to combine different bet types when wagering real money instead of persisting in any one type, for example, only Red/Black. Mixing various bet patterns would increase the winning chances.

Also make sure you know exactly how much a bet would cost you. For example, when choosing a call bet Voisins du Zero, you will have to place 9 chips (or multiples of nine), which can be somewhat unexpected for an unseasoned players.

Keep track of stats that are displayed on most tables. Outcomes are totally random and seeing five red consecutive numbers in the Recent History does not imply the sixth number will be black. However, the probability of its being black is very high. When keeping a watchful eye on statistics, you can predict outcomes with some degree of certainty.

Online Roulette FAQ
⭐ Is roulette online legal in the U.S.?
Yes, online roulette is legal in the United States.
⭐ Can I play online roulette for real money?
You can bet real money on online roulette tables.
⭐ How do I win money in online roulette?
A roulette player wins if the bet placed on a number or group of numbers coincides with where the ball has landed inside the roulette wheel. Bets on red/black and other simple chance bets have the highest odds (almost 50%) but lowest payout (1:1), meanwhile Straight Up bets on a single number have the lowest winning probability (less than 3%) but feature the best payout of 35:1. Depending on the max bet limit in a specific roulette game, the player can win over $10,000 in one go.
⭐ Is online roulette a scam?
No, online roulette is not rigged. Licensed and reliable online casinos normally cooperate with high-profile game providers that release only quality roulette games.
⭐ What is the best bet in online roulette?
In European, American and French roulette, the best bet is the one that has the highest winning chances. If you place chips that cover half of the grid, e.g., on color, the winning odds are about 49%, with a 1:1 payout. Moreover, some French tables have the en prison rule that lets you get half of the even money bet back if the ball lands on zero. If your aim is to win the max amount in a single spin, you should bet on any one number, which will pay out 35:1 if won.
⭐ What is the best casino to play roulette online?
Here are some of the most trusted US-friendly online casinos to play roulette for real money: