Whittacker strategy for roulette

Whittacker strategy for roulette

This system is known as the Whittacker strategy. There is no common opinion about the system. Some people criticize it heavily saying that they could not make any profits. Others say that the Whittacker strategy helped them to keep the bankroll allowing playing more. We can say that as many other systems this strategy can increase your chances a bit but you should not rely on it too heavily.

The Whittacker strategy is quite similar with the Dalamber strategy. The system is suitable for those gamblers who have got small bankrolls. The main idea of the strategy is to increase the size of bet in case of loss. Increase of bets is done by this formula: x=x-2+x-1. Here x-2 and x-1 are bets in previous rounds and x is your current bet. This means that the Whittacker strategy allows compensating losses of last two games. And if your bet wins you should decrease it by 1. You should use simple progression in this system.

Let’s have a look at the example to understand the algorithm better. In this example 5 rounds were played. 4th and 5th bets brought winnings and all the rest bets were unsuccessful. The game was started with $10 bet.

The example with 5 spins ($10 bets)

Amount of bet Winning Total balance
10 -10
20 -20
30 -60
50 50 -10
30 30 20

As you can see here gambling session brought $20. At the same time we had only 2 successful spins and 3 unsuccessful. This means that you don’t even need to win 50% of time.

If you want to use the Whittacker strategy effectively you should remember about several important things:

  • 1) the Whittacker system is suitable in a short run. Do not try to pump profits in a long run. Anyway a casino will win.
  • 2) Experts say that it is not the best idea is to play even money bets when you use the Whittacker strategy. The problem is that it will take you much time to compensate your losses with even money bets. On the other hand even money bets give you a good chance of winning. Therefore this is a very controversial advice.

You might think that the Whittacker strategy has got numerous advantages. That’s partly correct statement. But don’t forget that casinos set limits on bets. This means that if you hit bad streak losing 5-6 times in a row it will be extremely problematic to return your money. At one moment you will find out that you cannot place bet of needed amount because of limitations applied by your casino.


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