Swing Roulette System

Swing Roulette System

This roulette betting strategy is oriented on players who prefer not to bet much at the same time. There are usually two bets: two bets on sixline, or one bet on sixline and one – on even chances, and also betting progression: 1-1-1-2-2-3-4-4-5-6-8-10

At the very beginning of the game, the first bet should be equal to two units: one bet on (7-12 sixline, and one bet on 25-30). If the first bet (7-12) was winning, the next bet should be on one sixline (25-30) and on even chances (on small numbers).

Otherwise (if won the 25-30 sixline) player has to bet on the first sixline and on even chances. But if both bets were lost – they will have to use the progression. For better understanding see the example below.

  • Step 1. The firs bet was on two sixlines (7-12 and 25-30). The ball landed on “10” and 7-12 sixline won. The next bet will be 1 unit on 25-30 sixline and 5 units on even chances (small numbers).
  • Step2. The ball landed on “5” and player has los all bets.
  • Step3. Get back to the initial bets (one unit on 7-12, 25-30). The ball landed on “32” and both bets were lost.
  • Step4. Player continues placing bets on 7-12 and 25-30 sixlines, and this time 1 unit was placed on every bet. Online casino RNG produced “Zero” and all bets were lost again.
  • Step5. According to the betting strategy, player has to up their bets and place 2 units on every bet (7-12 and 25-30 sixlines). This time player got “28” and won 12 units.
  • Step6. Player repeats their 2 units bet on 7-12 sixline and places 10 units on big numbers (19-36). This time the ball landed on “35” and they won 20 units.
  • Step7. After two initial bets won, just get back to 1 unit bets on two sixlines (7-12 and 25-30).

According to independent calculations, this betting system requires approximately 250-300 units to play with.


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