Fibonacci roulette strategy

Fibonacci roulette strategy

Fibonacci strategy is quite popular system of betting in roulette which was invented in XII century. The strategy is called Fibonacci because of theory of Italian mathematic Leonardo “Fibbonacci” Pisano which was taken as the basis of the strategy.

In this strategy a player uses endless sequence of figures to increase bet limits. Increase of bets should be quite smooth. Thus Fibonacci strategy is suitable for those who have got limited bankroll. The system is highly advised to gamblers who wish to have fun. If you wish to make money playing roulette this strategy can be tricky.
As it was mentioned you should use sequence of figures. Next figure is the sum of two previous figures. Let’s have a look at the example to understand the algorithm. Let’s say you start playing with minimal possible bet – 1 coin. In this case your sequence will have the following shape: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etc. Well, we begin with 1 coin, then we bet another 1. In the next round we take sum of 2 previous bets 2+1 = 3 and so on.

It is interesting that Fibonacci system was developed to increase population of rabbits. Surely nobody was thinking about its possible gambling benefits. But today Fibonacci system is widely used in gambling and especially in roulette. If you want to try Fibonacci strategy you should be patient and careful. Don’t forget to take piece of paper and pen. Write down your bets to make sure that you use proper algorithm.

We advice you to play even money bets – red/black, odds/even etc. This is the easiest way to play. You should write down every bet and outcome. Don’t forget to mention how much you lost. When you win you should cross out your loss. Let’s have a look at the following example:

  • 1) Our first bet is 1 coin. We lose and write down 1.
  • 2) The next bet is 1 coin again. We lose again and write on our paper 1-1 (-2 totally)
  • 3) Our third bet is 2 coins. We lose again and write down 1-1-2 (-4 totally).
  • 4) Our next bet is 3 coins. Well, once again we suffer defeat and mention it on the paper: 1-1-2-3 (-7 is our total balance)
  • 5) This time we place 5 coins bet and win! Now we cross out 2-3 from our paper and leave 1-1 (our overall balance is -2).
  • 6) The next bet is 2 coins. We lose and write 1-1-2 (overall balance is -4).
  • 7) Now we bet 3 coins and win. We should cross out last 2 figures – 1-2 (-1 is our balance)
  • 8) The next bet is 1 coin. Let’s assume we lose and write it 1-1 (with -2 balance).
  • 9) We bet 2 coins and win. This winning allows us to cross out 1-1. This means that we have compensated all our defeats and have initial bankroll!
  • 10) And now we start from the very beginning. Here we bet 1 coin and win. In this case you we stop writing on your paper; the full cycle is over. Start from the very beginning and write a new gaming cycle. Moreover we have won 1 coin which is also good.

As you can see in our example this system is very helpful if you wish to stay in the game as long as possible. Fibonacci strategy’s main advantage is possibility to play with short bankroll. At the same time you should expect massive winnings with Fibonacci strategy. In our example we had to play 10 rounds before we managed to acquire just 1 coin profit.

Surely we don’t mean that Fibonacci strategy should not be considered as serious system for roulette fans. You can try to increase your bets to have bigger possible profit. But don’t forget that the more you bet the more you can lose. In conclusion we would like to remind you that the main idea of Fibonacci system is to help you having fun playing roulette. Don’t expect the system to make you rich. Just enjoy the game and hope that you will hit your lucky streak.


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