AMS strategy

AMS strategy

This betting system for roulette is known as AMS strategy. The main idea of this strategy is to follow simple progression 1-1-2-2-4. In order to use the AMS strategy effectively you need to have moderate bankroll (enough for 30 bets). And this is the great opportunity for beginners who are not ready to invest heavily in gambling. Let’s have a closer look at this system. We begin with the first bet of 1 coin. If our bet has brought us winning we need to do the following:

  • 1) place 1 coin bet
  • 2) if we win we place one more bet of the same size (1 coin).
  • 3) Let’s assume we have won again. Great! Now we need to place 2 coins bet.
  • 4) In case of another win we should bet 2 coins again.
  • 5) If we win again it is time to change our bet and jump to 4 coins bets
  • 6) Let’s say we win again. Good! The next bet will be 4 coins again.

Surely our luck is going to end sooner or later. And if we lose we have to change our betting strategy. Your new system will depend on the stage when you have suffered your defeat.

If it has happened on step number 6 we should go back to step number 3.

  • If it has happened on 5th step we should place bet of 3rd step.
  • It it has happened on 4th step we should also go back to step number 3.
  • If we lost on 3rd step we should go to step number 1.
  • If our defeat happened on 2nd step we should go back to step number 1.

And finally if we lost in the very beginning on the first step with the initial bet we should use different strategy.

The system for this situation will be the following:

  • Step N1: place 1 coin bet
  • Step N2: we lose our bet and place another 1 coin bet
  • Step N3: we lose our bet and place new one (this time it will be 2 coins)
  • Step N4: we lose our 2 coins bet and place new one of the same size (2 coins)
  • Step N5: we lose and this time we bet 4 coins
  • Step N6: if we lose again we should go back to step N1 and continue playing.

So, as you can see here you have to be patient. If we win on step N5 we should go back to step number 3. Winning on the 4th step sends us to the third step of betting. And if we win on the third or second step, we should go to the first step.

You might start thinking that this strategy is a bit complicated. But in reality it is not. You just need to revise the algorithm carefully. We strongly advice you to test your knowledge of AMS strategy via playing some training sessions with play money. In this case you will save your money and will have a good chance to practice AMS strategy.

Anyway you should remember that there is no guarantee winning strategy in roulette. Therefore do not expect too much from AMS system. It is just the way to increase your odds by little.


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