The Progressive-5 Strategy

The Progressive-5 Strategy

As in all other blackjack strategies the only reason of the Proressive-5 system is to make your play winning. That is the natural wish of every player. Lots of great people spent years of their life trying to find the way to play with profit. The Progressive-5 strategy will for sure help you to improve your game and make your winnings grow with high speed.

To use the Progressive-5 strategy you should follow several rules building the system:

  • Start with one betting unit only.
  • After every winning hand you should add one betting unit to your wager.
  • Having played five successful hands you ought to wager again one betting unit.
  • When you lose, no matter how many hands you have won before, next wager should be equal to one betting unit.

As the practice, shows this strategy is widely used by those who cannot imagine the game without following any system but who has no intention to make massive and complicated calculations. The above listed rules may seem to you at some extent tangled. To clear the Progressive-5 strategy let’s consider this system on the example.

The first thing to do is to settle the bet unit. As a matter of fact you will have to decide five betting levels. This exactly peculiarity explains the name of the strategy. But let’s return to the system itself. If you settle the base bet at the level of $10, the following bet levels will be equal $20, $30, $40 and $50. Now consider the example of the blackjack game with the Progressive-5 strategy.

1. You bet 1 unit.
Your hand wins; your balance is +1.
You follow the rules and add one more unit.

2. You bet 2 units.
Your hand wins; your balance is +3.
You add one more unit.

3. You bet 3 units.
Your hand wins; your balance is +6.
You add one more unit.

4. You bet 4 units.
Your hands win; your balance is +10.
After five wins in a row you should bet one unit.

5. You bet 5 units.
Your hand wins; your balance is +15.
According to the strategy rules, you have to return to one bet unit.

6. You bet 1 unit.
Your hand wins; your balance is +16.
After this you have to one more betting unit.

7. You bet 2 units.
Your hand wins; your balance is +18.
Add one more betting unit.

8. You bet 3 units.
Your hand loses; your balance is +15.
After loss you should decrease your bet to one betting unit.

9. You bet 1 unit.
Your hand wins; your balance is +16.

Progressive-5 Strategy Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of this system lies in the fact that the Progressive-5 strategy is profitable only in case of several winnings in a row. Only having won more than 5 times one by one you have a great chance to go home with a pretty sum of money. The reality is stricter. If you win twice and then lose, your balance will be zero. One win and one loss after that makes your balance be – 1. And so on. Thus you will not only stay without any profit, you will lose your hard-earned money.


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